Special Scientific Engineering

Magnetic Analyzer MA


It measures at least six parameters of hysteresis loop: coercivity, residual induction, magnetic conductivity, loop area and relaxation parameters. It automatically converts these parameters into physical characteristics according to given equations. The device's works is controlled by personal computer, thus full automation of measuring, data collecting and processing is provided. Mathematical apparatus is characterized by extraordinary flexibility and ability to adjust to any problems while the production. With user-friendly means of built-in command language it lets the customer conduct the process of measuring, data processing and issue by himself. The analyzer can work directly in production line and test any manufacturing equipment.


Examples of magnetic parameters measurements with the help of magnetic analyzer are shown in the pictures.

Testing of hysteresis loops in different samples as well as measurement of the basic magnetic parameters (data are obtained with the help of program package included in the magnetic analyzer).
  1. hysteresis loop of the sample with large coercive force (hardened high-strength steels);
  2. hysteresis loop with small coercive force (mild steel);
  3. window of measurement results (residual induction, coercivity, initial magnetic conductivity, loop area).